A Dahon Vitesse D7

I have been trying out a few foldable bikes this past 2 weeks or so. From Taiwan made ones, to Birdy, Strida, Bromptoms and so on. But I think I will settle for a Dahon Vitesse D7.

Costing around SGD 899, I think this would be a good bike for me to start exploring the park connectors around Singapore and to keep fit on the go as well. Touted as a very good urban utility bike, with its ability to fold into a compact shape. This allows me to bring it up on a public bus or train and take me anywhere around Singapore and start exploring all the different park connectors. Though many of the park connectors are still under construction, I think investing in a bike allows me to explore as well as keep fit.

I have tried other brands like Birdy, a very good foldable bike but very pricey. I tried one that costed SGD2000. That one is like driving an Audi but is just way over-budget. Bromptons are fun to ride around, and it looks classy. That one feels like driving a Rolls-Royce, considering the reputable brand it is usually associated itself with when it comes to Brompton. That too its very pricey. Strida looks too and it usesĀ  fan belts instead of the conventional chains. It certainly attracts too much attention for my taste. That is also a thousand dollar portable bike.

I came across Dahon and it offered a really wide range of model in the foldable bikes category, each with its slightly different designs to meet certain needs. But overall, its one of the most popular foldable bikes are good for urban riding. I tried Vitesse and considering the price and its performance to my needs, I think Vitesse is the perfect fit for me. It is one of the very few selection of foldable bikes from Dahon that costs below SGD1000. There was a SGD1200 Dahon Mu P8 bike that feels almost like the Birdy that I tried, but then again, I don’t think I want to invest in that much money for a bike. Getting it tomorrow, kinda excited.

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