Awesome: Fine dining steamboat

Usually a group of my friends would come together and have a bbq or something. But this time round, its slightly different. We had a steamboat feast instead, and not just 1 hotpot, but 3 hotpots on the same table so that everyone have ample supply of food near them.

There are several advantages of doing steamboat over BBQ, and I dont’ know why we never thought of that sooner.

1. It is much cleaner and soot free!

Yeap, its a no brainer, BBQ is just plain, hot, steamy, smoky and ashy. It takes quite a bit of effort to get it started and not all of us love standing in front of the flame to just cook some food, and feeling sweaty all the time.With steamboat however, it is effortless! All our hotpots were electric hotpots and we got it prepared and boiling in no time. Instant cook with all the food and various ingredients inside the hotpot, sizzling and simmering inside.

2. Far healthier too!

With steamboat you get to cook vegetables! With bbq, its all meat meat meat, chicken fish, seafood, chicken, chicken, chicken. The next steamboat I will definitely add more vegetable varieties into the pot.

3. Cooler, easier to chill after the steamboat.

With steamboat, everyone gets to dig in, and everyone gets to sit on the same table and just chill. Its a much more intimate moment than bbq, because you usually leave one of two person at the put tending to the pit, rotating “shifts” so that the food won’t get charred. With steamboat, its a much more fun that way, everyone gets to talk and relax and share stories about their lives. The fact that we don’t see each other often makes steamboat more interesting and easier to share stories than bbq.

So the advantages of steamboats far outweighs the advantages of bbq. My friends have decided to hold steamboats from now on.


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