Post graduation BBQ chalet

  It was a success, even though we planned a little late and did not manage to reserve the ideal chalet, we still had a lot of fun and the turn-out was good. Slightly more than 20 people came for the chalet and it was a good turnout, since we predicted and bought food for... Continue Reading →

Awesome: Fine dining steamboat

Usually a group of my friends would come together and have a bbq or something. But this time round, its slightly different. We had a steamboat feast instead, and not just 1 hotpot, but 3 hotpots on the same table so that everyone have ample supply of food near them. There are several advantages of... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was nostalgic. It has been quite a while since my friends and I had bbq over at one of my friends place. I had a great time over at his place with all my poly mates back together for a good ole reunion. But it was not all bbq. We celebrated a number of... Continue Reading →

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