Awesome: $0.99 novels

It’s a joy discovering new authors that you are a fan of all of a sudden after reading a book by him or her. It’s a greater joy when the book is just $0.99 off amazon kindle website. It’s a steal, a really good steal.

I stumbled this book literally by accident on Amazon. As always, I enjoy going through the various top 100 books that are currently on sale at the store, and as I was browsing through it, I chanced this book by Christian Cantrell. I have never heard of this author before, and I was very hesitant getting this book. But after reading the reviews posted on amazon by other readers, I was intrigued. Here I am reading a synopsis about a book that is kinda interesting and most of the reviewers raved about how great this novel is. I love sci-fi genre novels, but I dont read them as much as fantasy or non-fiction. And looking at the price of just $0.99, I was thinking; “What the hell? its only 99 cents, what could possible go wrong?”

There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. The first 20 pages and I was hooked, intrigued at a universe Christian Centrell has created. I just started reading it and I can safely say that it will be a great adventure reading the book from start to finish. Sci-fi adventure, newly discovered author, genuinely cheap ebooks. Joy joy joy.

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