Straight As! Perfect CAP!

First time in my life that I've gotten a perfect CAP for the semester! Granted, it was only two modules, but hey, it is worth celebrating right? Life as a Masters student is off to a great start!

Cracks are starting to appear.

It's that time of the semester again. With exams around the corner, the semester has proven to be the most difficult and challenging I have ever encountered in my Uni life. Its a double whammy for having Advance Biochemistry and Biophysics modules to be taken in a single semester. With all the assignment datelines, tests,... Continue Reading →


That was the result of this semester's grades. How do I feel?On paper it looks really ok. It is in line with expectations. Although the A- were the modules that were the most difficult. They were physiology and microbiology. I thought I was a goner for that module, but apparently, for some reason, I managed... Continue Reading →

Exam Results!!!

So how did I fare this semester?Outstanding! This semester's results blew my expectations away! I did not expect getting 3A, much less an A+ within the 3As that I have gotten. My most optimisitic expectations were at least 2A and all Bs with not Cs at the very least, but this time, I managed to... Continue Reading →

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