Loving my 550D

Its been a week since I last purchased my new DSLR and I’m already loving it. I have taken a few shots here and there and tried a couple of simple techniques with it. Besides that I also started learning how to use Aperture 3, a very powerful software for photographers to organize their photographs properly. Such an expensive hobby that I’m taking, I think it is one of the more meaningful stuff that I can do during my free time and I sure hope that the lessons and techniques I learned would be useful to me in the future. I still need lots of stuff for my camera investment. I have yet to buy a proper tripod or a dry cabinet for the camera, much less another lens or other accessories. Well, as they always say; ‘ A journey beings with a single step’, “Photography begins with a single snapshot.” And that is what I aim to do here. Take it slow and easy, find out what kind of photographs I enjoy taking, going beyond my comfort zone and snap away. While initial costs are high, its returns can be great in the long run.

Meanwhile I have set a second blog, believe.unchartedfutures.net so that reader out there can track my progress in taking better photographs in the near future.

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