Project 365 0/365

I came across one of Lifehacker’s great ideas, Project 365. Project 365 is not new. In fact a lot of people are doing it around the world. Its a simple task, with a great deal of commitment. Essentially, for 365 days, you are to take at least a photo of anything for 365 days. At the end of the year, you will get to see your progress. The project can be about anything. You can even take photos of yourself, the same way and posture for 365 days. Or you can take photos of your surroundings, the things you are doing, basically anything that might have some meaning for you on a personal level. You are gonna upload it on flickr or your blog and just enjoy and see your progress.

I think it sounds fun, and I think I can do it for one year. Im gonna try it out and see if it works. I dont have a DSLR camera with me and I dont intend to get one just for this project. I do have a measly 7.1megapixel Canon Digital Ixus camera. It may not be professional grade, but this project is not about showing off your photography skills. Its just another way of expressing your day, everyday for the entire year. I think I might be surprised at what I would be able to capture or accomplish by undertaking this project.

I have decided to take 2 different types of photographs a day. One is the daily random photo for the day and that I would post it on my blog and flickr at the end of the day. Another is a static image of my neighbourhood surroundings. Once I have chosen a suitable spot, I would go there, and take a photo at that same spot for 365 days. I will not post the images to the blog until the end of the year. The second project would be very difficult to accomplish an unbroken record of taking 365 photos straight because there are days where I could not even be there (holidays, outings etc) but nonetheless I will commit myself in taking everyday whenever possible.

Today is the 1 Jan 2010. And will take photos starting today.

Wish me luck.

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