New Mac Hardwares launching tomorrow?

There have been several reports these past few weeks, hinting at new Mac hardwares, mainly new Macbooks, iMacs and a refreshed version of Mac Minis. These, ‘rumors’ were reinforced by reports that several retailers both physical and online are seeing depleted stocks of Mac hardwares with no incoming orders for it.

Today, Newsweek’s Dan Lyons issued a small message in his blog about the impending launch of new Mac lineups. John Gruber from ‘Daring Fireball‘ also hinted about the launch happening tomorrow, Tuesday, USA timing. Tuesday were always the launch day for most Apple products.

– Redesigned plastic MacBooks
– Redesigned “impressive” iMacs
– Mac mini updates, including one based on Mac OS X Server
– Multi-touch “Magic Mouse”
– A multi-touch “trackpad gadget” for desktop Macs

These were some of the rough specs that could possibly be launched tomorrow by Apple. In my opinion, the launch could happen, because it would be a great timing to undercut their rival, Microsoft in their launch of it’s newest operating system, Windows 7 happening this Thursday. Apple would try to attempt to steer some of the attention about the new OS that have seen some positive feedback about it. Could it be true? Could it finally happen, after weeks of rumors circulating around the web?

On the other hand, it seems unlikely, as the a new lineup of Mac products would surely come about with some official launch event with press conferences and issuing of press releases to the media as a way to garner awareness of a new product launches. The absence of such an event could underlie the fact that the release would not happen tomorrow, and will be release when its ready. But judging from past product launches, not all new products have such an event organised for it. So that still remains to be seen.

Personally the sooner the better, I’m getting one soon, and although I’m broke I’m gonna try to find a way to finance my purchase of a new iMac! I think I’m ready for the “Great Migration”.

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