My first presentation done on iWorks 09

Ok call me a Mac noob, but you have got to give me some credit for what I have done in 2 hours just by self exploration. I have created a short presentation, using the Keynote presentation software. I used it with minimal help and most of the time was just meddling around with the program, trial and errors along the way. I mentioned the other day that I tinkled with the Mac, well folks, I present you my first presentation done using iWorks 09 Keynote presentation software!

The presentation is basically just a slideshow of all the Playstation 3 games that I have played to far. It features the title of the game, the release date, the developer, and the overall average review for that game. I managed to do that in under 2 hours.

The great thing about the program is the ability to actually set your canvas resolution. I was stunned that you can actually do a 1080p full HD presentation. For mine, i used 1280 x 720, and then convert it to a .mov format of that size (another favourite feature of mine)

For the animations, it is simply a combination of animations that Keynote has offered. But besides what you see from the video, you can actually do more. The slide animations and the choices available is awesome, and not even one looks corny or stupid. Whatever animation type you choose, it will be presented professionally. Whats more, it also allows you to select certain object and animated just that object to your next slide transition. That is another great feature and with that you can make creative and compelling presentations.

I think, looking back, the reason I was attracted to Keynote, was because of “An Inconvenient Truth” I noticed that former United States President Al Gore, used that software among others for his presentation, and just by watching the documentary, the presentation itself was enough to draw you in and capture your attention, so much so that it was one my favourite documentaries I have ever watched. That is the power of Keynote, and with a little creativity and great content, I’m pretty sure that I can create slides just like Mr Al Gore.

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