Social Media is not a fad

We live in a world where information flows so fast, so freely, so easily that it become second nature to us. It has reached a point, where the fabric of our lifestyles are more of less dictated by what we hear, see and read through social websites. Our lives with other people are increasingly connected, yet distant at the same time.

You wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is on your computer or notebook. You do your stuff in the toilet, and when you come back, the computer is up and running. The first site you visit is Facebook. You open a new tab on your browser and direct it to your webmail, be it gmail, or Hotmail. While loading, you log in to your msn. Facebook loaded, you check your friends’ posts. You caome across a nice video, you click on it and watch it. You like the video and would love to watch the rest of the other clips. You go to Youtube, and make a search. You update your status on Facebook and Twitter. You read the latest twit of your favourite celebrities. You click on the link to learn more. It directs you to their blog. You encountered an up and coming band named XYZ from UK. You Googled them up. The first hit from your search result gives you a Wikipedia link. You read the band’s biographies. The article was sourced from their official website, you visited the website. You browsed their photo gallery from Flickr. You followed them on twitter. You subscribe to their Facebook page.

The Social media is not a fad. The very websites we visit are all part of the social media phenomenon, giving rise to a new area of study, called Socialnomics. With such ease in connecting to the internet, the amount of information we process is so great that is it still considered miniscule compared to what is being generated everyday by us around the world. Data is created and transformed at an exponential rate.

The following two video clearly illustrates the world we live in. Our lifestyles are so dependent on these things that if and only if it disappears all of a sudden, it will definitely have serious repercussions on our lives.

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