Crossroads, uncharted territories.

So here i am now again, at a crossroads, where the path i walk, will be the path that i will take. Most like i would never be able to turn back and try on a different path. But here comes a problem. Its begining to get difficult to see where im going, and im hesitating, still stuck at the crossroads, not knowing what to do, not know which path to take.

It used to be so much easier. Your aspirations, your passions, following what your heart says and staying true to it. Previously i have done that, and i have reach where im supposed to reach. So straightforward. Like Dorothy walking on a yellow brick road. But as it progressed, and new avenues are open. The paths get darker and dimmer… less obvious. And now the path ahead of me, is barely a path, going into a jungle of uncertainty, where i have to carve my own path, if its the correct direction that im going to in the first place.

This is i think the first time ever that im truly having a lot of doubt to where im truly going. To whether this is my true calling. To not able to see, and imagine what life would be like 4 to 5 years from now. I dont have a map, i dont have a direction to follow. Im hesitant to blaze my own path.

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