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Blogging can be so last year, and it takes time and effort to do a proper writeup. Those of you who follows my blog would probably know by now that i can sometimes not have any major updates for weeks at a time.

So now you can follow me on twitter. The twitter widget is at the bottom of the side panel. Any updates will be reflected over there. I plan to tweet little updates on what im doing now in NTU, maybe the things i learn for the day, or stuff im doing at that moment in time.

I plan to tweet on my iphone, but im still on the waiting list, waiting for Singtel to notify me on the availability. Im hoping i could get at the end of this month, so that it could really help me organise and manage my time properly. Its gonna be hectic in NTU, im feeling the pressure when i look at the some of the modules’ content. How i wish  i could remember everything i learn from Poly. It would be such a great help right now. I have to start learning the basics all over again (‘ala Physcial Chemistry) and on top of additional content to be taught in class. Tweeting would be the perfect solution to broadcast little updates about me.

Stay tune.

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