Just a little update

School has started in full swing and it has been a rough ride for me. I think im doing ok right now, just need to be a little more hardworking. Its difficult to actually get into the routine of revision, studying, and ultimately mugging. The past 2 years of NS life had made me a little more sedentary, a little more passive. It should be the other way round, but as they say, 2 years of not using your brain can really make your intellect a little blunt.

Ever since going to NTU, life has been a little different. Its not so different to Poly life, but the differences are there. The long lectures, the short tutorials and the blazingly fast pace at which lessons are taught, forcing you to comprehend and master the topic being taught within the week. And before you know it, another week arrives and it starts all over again. The lessons are heavy and deep, definitely a big level up from the poly curriculum, maybe several levels up.

What fascinates me is that you get to see all sorts of people and sometimes you happen to stumble upon primary school friends, secondary school friends and even poly mates in the same course but never had a chance to talk to them back then. I can still recognize some of them and its amazing that the people you have never met in so long could be in the same faculty as i am in. Though i highly doubt that they would recognize me.

Its nice to see quite a number of poly classmates around in the school. Makes it less alien. I only need to get acquainted with them and so far i have done to a few. Im slowly widening my circle of friends and no doubt life would be so much better in the coming months.

I finally got my iphone after a near month wait. Its great and im loving it. I can surf the net, get info on the go, wiki, facebook, read news, shop ( if i have the patient of keying my credit card number while on the train, and there is the security issue too.) I feel so connected with the iphone. With the 3G plan i can basically surf anywhere. I just cannot imagine losing the phone or not bringing it anywhere with me. A detachment from technology is highly disturbing indeed. Its like a weak form of the matrix, where you are so technologically dependent. I think we are starting to enter into an era where without internet and connective 24/7 whereever we go, we feel a sense of loss and disorientation.

I feel like to getting an apple computer soon. The softwares that i have seen, iLife and iWorks are simply amazing. Such rich content in which you can create with ease is nothing short of spectacular. Im thinking of getting it next year. Im on a tight budget and space constraint, so i might go for a mac mini. Maybe they would have new mac minis in the futures, with better specifications? Who knows? The upcoming apple keynote speech this september would certainly bring some surprises to the media and the consumers. We just have to wait and see. Im getting used to the interface of Apple. Now i just need to go deeper into the whole OS thingy and see how the Mac ticks. Ive had enough of the pc, giving me problems every now and then. The stability of which Apple is built upon is the key decisor in my next computer purchase. Im getting tired to doing DIYs and failing within the year, and its costly too if you really consider the fringe costs that are associated with DIY.

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