You know i bought the onitsuka meets the mini shoes at 230 bucks a week ago and i still havent wear them yet! Its such a waste! I told me mum that i dont mind putting it up on display and NOT wearing it at all. She told me i was crazy.

You know the past two weeks was such a downer for me. Having hit hard on the flu and now a bad sore throat,  but thats not the difficult part that i had to go through. Its the fact that im going to ORD in 2 months and time has just slowed down to a crawl. I mean seriously a crawl. Only 2 weeks has passed and it felt like a month! ugh!

I just finished reading Twilight (Finally yay!) and although its a great book in the way its written, i just cant stand certain parts of the book. Parts where there are long descriptions of Edward and paragraphs of conversation containing ‘ I love you, you love me, youre handsome and youre pretty’ gosh this book is really such a chick book. But after reading you cant deny how well its written. Its easy and pleasant to read. Im still contemplating on whether or not i should continue with the sequels, or not. I probably will, but only during my free time or when i have absolutely no other books to read.

I recently bought a book written by Fareed Zakaria. Its titled “A Post American World“. This book not only talks about the decline of America, but the rise of everyone else. It talks about the changing geopolitics and the rising new powers of the East and its impact on the world’s future. This book has recieved critical acclaimed in giving a fresh and unique perspective of the world and world powers.

Im getting addicted to Daughtry’s new single, No Surprise. I love the music. If anyone has the mp3 version, please please send it straight to my email at Cant stop listening to it! I noticed that Shinedown’s ‘Second Chance’ is slowly rising in the itunes most download song chart. A couple of weeks a go it stands at the top 20, but now its risen to the top 10 (8)!! Way the go Shinedown. If you ever come to Singapore for a concert, ill definitely be there! Im so glad that i found your band on’s ‘recommend’ list. Shinedown’s songs simply blows me away!!

Talking about concerts, its been a long while since i attended a concert, much less a rock concert. Id only go if any of these bands or singers comes to Singapore:

Theory of a Deadman



Utada Hikaru ( Im dying to listen to you sing live!)



James Morrison

There are a number of other bands that i would support but the ones listed are my top bands that i would go to if they ever hold a concert in Singapore.

As for musicals, i dunno. Im not really an artsy fartsy theatrical type of person. But ill go if:

‘Wicked’ comes to town with Kristin Chenoweth as part of the cast.

I bought Changeling on DVD last week and i still think that the movie is a work of art in its finest form. Such a well scripted, well casted movie from the begining to the end. Angelina Jolie puts up a fantastic performance as a mother in a desperate fight against corrupted police and her quest in finding her kidnapped son. For those who missed the movies in theathers, this is a must–buy DVD! Get it now!

Im dying to go back Timbre again. I just love the pizza, the ambience and the live music. Ill probably organise one just before i start school, and will invite all my good friends, Hock Evans, Ben, maybe Sanjiv, Dee, Cherlyn and Eng Pau! It would be a good reunion and to mark another milestone of great frienship.

I went to the PC show for a quick look. I simply bought an Acer portable DVD drive for my Acer Aspire One netbook. You know how portable netbooks can be and with portability, comes with no built in dvd drive. So i bought it so that if there is a need to use disc based media, i can simply plug into my netbook using usb cables as its main source of power. Its really small light and handy and you can plug to any computer that needs it. I know my pc needs it too, ever since the BenQ DVD drive tray just gets stuck even after ejecting! Its so frustrating that you had to use a needle to force it out open. And thats not all! Sometimes the computer cannot detect the drive at all! I had to restart the computer if i desperately need to use pop a disc inside for use!

I have more or less decided to get my new pair of spectacles. Im going for the Ted Baker’s Intencity pair of glasses from Paris Miki, at Bugis Junction. It’s so hard to find that precise brand and the precise model. Only Paris Miki outlet at Bugis Junction sells it and i pray hard that its not out of stock or phased out yet. I cant afford another pair of Oakley. Though im also eyeing one particular model from the Oakley brand, its way over budget for me. The Ted Baker’s one is around 200 bucks for the frame itself.

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