Down with the flu

Last week, just before I was due to fly to Jogjakarta for my holidays, I decided to go to my colleagues house to finalise the accommodation for our Morocco trip in 2019. As I arrive, I noticed that she wasn't feeling very well. Red nose and teary eyed, I knew she had the flu from... Continue Reading →

The flu wiped out my stamina

Last week I was down with the flu. It was bad. I can't remember when was the last time I was afflicted with such a terrible strain of flu. From what I recall, it usually took just a couple of days of experiencing body aches, tension headaches and the occasional fever before the whole thing... Continue Reading →


You know i bought the onitsuka meets the mini shoes at 230 bucks a week ago and i still havent wear them yet! Its such a waste! I told me mum that i dont mind putting it up on display and NOT wearing it at all. She told me i was crazy. You know the... Continue Reading →

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