Of PC shows and E3

The E3 or Electronics Entertainment Expo just ended with a bang in Los Angeles. I just finished watching the 2 hours Sony Press Conference showcasing the latest video games that would be released in the coming year. There were a few surprises up in Sony’ s sleeves, mainly the announcement of the PSP Go, Final Fantasy XIV (thats 14 for your info), Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive, Agent, and their prototype motion sensing controllers. 

But with all the slew announcements, i was most eager to keep tabs with Heavy Rain with does not make an appearance at all during the press conference. Uncharted 2 and God of War III certainly impresses me with live demonstrations of the gameplay and it certainly looks awesome.  One thing im quite dissapointed is the release dates of Heavy Rain and God of War III. Both games are slated for a spring 2010 release, just before the new fiscal year. No one should wait that long for a blockbuster game.

But it wasnt only Sony that blew the E3 floor with all those exclusives. On Microsoft’s front, they stole the exclusivity of the Metal Gear franchise with the announcement of Metal Gear Rising, featuring Raiden as the main character, coming out on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Thier motion sensing technology was also showcased with must success, Project Natal and Forza 3 and the usual Halo announcements. Microsoft does have a strong and impressive press conference in its own right. 

With all that over, we should all look forward to next year’s E3 and start anticipating for even great yet announced game titles.

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