Its just so wrong!

There was one time, i was going back home. I was waiting for the train on the platform, so naturally, out of  habit i would walk towards the middle of the platform. Suddenly there is this small girl, no older than primary 3 i guess carrying a small slingbag as her school bag. As i observed, it was a PRADA bag!! Thats just so wrong! I mean i have a good feeling that its not authentic at all, but cmon imagine if it was… ITS JUST SO WRONG!!

I had a friend who bought a Dior Homme prescription glasses. That’s semi wrong!! LOL!! But it was very nice looking for him and i had no objections to the design of the glasses.

Anyways, im currently looking for a new pair of glasses myself. I noticed that all the big brands are dominating the prescription glasses market. Even an average optometrist at the HDB shops are showcasing Dior, Prada Hugo Boss and lots of other luxury brand glasses. I’ve looked into a few shops myself and im currently eyeing closely on:

1. Ted Baker’s ‘Intencity” at a around SGD 210 for the frames alone.

2. Oakley’s “Dictate 2.0” costing around SGD a whopping SGD 410 for the frames alone. 

Id rather choose the Dictate over the Intencity, but the price of really turning me off. Im still exploring my options.

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  1. What?! Prada for school and Dior for glasses are wrong??!! So if I use my Hermes plates for dinner what does it makes me? Sinner and should be banished to hell?? *kidding* LOL!!!

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