Sedentary Lifestyle

I've noticed that im starting to live a sedentary lifestyle. Every weekend, im just not that active anymore. All i want is to stay at home and just surf the net or watch my tv or movies that i downloaded. No longer do i go out and have fun at the beach, or the outdoors... Continue Reading →

Keane perfect symmetry asia tour

I saw the ad on the Wednesday edition of the straits times. Keane is coming to Singapore! They will be performing on the 14th of august at the fort canning park. Tickets at 75 bucks each. Is there anyone who might be interested in google for the concert? I'm really Keane in watching their performance... Continue Reading →

Firmware 3.0

Personally I find paying almost 10 bucks for a firmware update for my iPod touch preposterous. It's free for the iPhone but I don't understand why users of the iPod touch is treated differently. Furthermore not all features in the firmware are usable on the iPod touch because of the lack of the phone functions.... Continue Reading →


You know i bought the onitsuka meets the mini shoes at 230 bucks a week ago and i still havent wear them yet! Its such a waste! I told me mum that i dont mind putting it up on display and NOT wearing it at all. She told me i was crazy. You know the... Continue Reading →

Matriculation Package is here!

My matriculation package arrived last week and i realised that there are lots of paperwork to do before i officially matriculate! I had to go online and accept the matriculation declaration, fill up my personal particulars. Then i had to fill up my parents particulars, after that on to the acceptance of tuition grants, CPF... Continue Reading →

Of PC shows and E3

The E3 or Electronics Entertainment Expo just ended with a bang in Los Angeles. I just finished watching the 2 hours Sony Press Conference showcasing the latest video games that would be released in the coming year. There were a few surprises up in Sony' s sleeves, mainly the announcement of the PSP Go, Final... Continue Reading →

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