Timbre @ The Substation

I had a blast tonight. Me a group of my friends went to this really cool place called Timbre @ The Substation. Its near Fort Canning and it had great place to chill, eat great food and listen to wonderful live music. 

I havent been to the place before but ive heard of it. So my friend invited me to go earlier this week and we decided to meet up over at 8pm. By the time  i reached there, a friend of mine was already queuing up for the seats and good timing too coz it was jam packed by the time we arrived. Luckily when i came, he already booked the tables  and we just had to saunter our way in. The relative position of the tables to the main stage were great. We could see the live band in plain view. We ordered really good food like:

3 large pizzas, one was duck meat, the other was beef and onion and one spicy jalapeno or something like that

1 large plate of calamari rings, 

4 baskets of fries

1 large plate of fried chicken wings

1 large plate of rodeo chicken wings served in spicy sweey and sour.

a host of drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic.

The food was great. The pizza tasted better than i anticipated. I heard that the pizzas were great but i never expected to be this good. It was those thin crust pizzas and i loved all the flavors that we ordered. The rodeo wings were a treat too. By the time we finished everthing, we still had 2 unfinished basket of fries. We were full to the brim. 

The live band was a pleasant surprise. It started playing around 10.30 in the evening and it was really good. The band was called “The Goodfellas” and they played really well. They played cover songs of Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more, all requested by the audiences down below. They really took up the challenge of playing the songs according to the requests made by us and they played it well. I had a great time there with all my NS friends, present and those ORDed already. I seriously dont mind going there again to enjoy the atmosphere and the live music, but i was just thinking how long the queue was just waiting for the seats even at 1am in the morning when we left. It must take sheer will and determination with a generous serving of patience to be there an hour earlier than us just to reserve the tables. But in the end it was all worth it.


I dont have the photos with me but i will post it up soon once i get it transfered from my friends camera. So stay tuned.

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