Nasty bug caught me

I’ve been having fever for the past few days. It’s gone for day and then it flares up again. I dunno what causes it because I did not visit the doctor at all. Instead I depended on my previous medication. I took anarex pills to relieve me of the fever and it had worked wonders. Last night I had the best nights rest ever. I took a 2 anarex pills on the evening and went to bed at around 9 pm. I slept damn well without any interruptions till 6 am. When I woke up I felt so fresh! Getting a good nights rest on my bunk is rare. Often I would wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. So far I have been fine with no relapse of the fever that I had been getting for the past few week. I guess I need more rest to fully recuperate.

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