Kid’s Story and Death Magnetic

I was browsing through my old dvd collection when i stumbled upon Animatrix. It was one of my favourite DVDs that ive bought. The short animations that gives the world of The Matrix as envisioned by Wachowski Brothers more meat, was oustandingly done with the help of various Japanese animation studios.    One of my... Continue Reading →

40 000 hits!

Its another milestone! Over 40 000 visits have been made on my blog today over a period of 2 years! Thank you all for reading my posts! Its amazing that i managed to keep this blog alive after all the ups and down. Im sure there will be many interesting stuff to blog in the... Continue Reading →


Its very exciting to discover a new band that you really like every now and then. I started liking Disturbed only recently. While surfing Amazon, and going through a list of reccomendations, i started to discover Shinedown.     Shinedown and its latest album, The Sound of Madness, is currently my favourite album of the... Continue Reading →

Everything falls into place

The last couple of weeks had been really interesting. I celebrated my birthday early this week to great fanfare, promoted to 3rd sergeant, after having passed my IPPT for the second time, and the F1 Race! Sometimes you get experience short periods in your life where everything just falls into place. Its like God or... Continue Reading →

Big week next week.

Next week is gonna be a big and frightening week for me, and i meant it to be in a good way. I dunno what to expect of my friends when the time comes, i just hope that it would be fun not knowing and just go through their so called plans for me. So... Continue Reading →

Transformers Blu Ray

A packaged arrived just in time, and its none other than the highly anticipated release of Transformers on Blu Ray. Featured as the best summer flick of yesteryear, Transformers pushes the boundaries in what computer graphics can do to a high budget action flick.  Reigniting a mega franchise by releasing a full feature film under... Continue Reading →

One Liter Of Tears DVD

I found this at my local DVD shop, after much searching. The One Liter of Tears DVD box set. It comes with 3 dvds encased in a foldout casing, complete with 11 episodes of the entire series. Comes with Japanese dialogue and a choice of Mandarin, English or Malay subtitles. This dvd set is locally... Continue Reading →

Change… its so hard to deal with.

Its been a long time since i updated my blog, and there were so many things i wanna share with you, but i just couldnt find the time nor the computer to do it. My computer decided to go on strike last week, ending up spending the entire weekend AGAIN, to fix it. Apparently the... Continue Reading →

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