You know, its a nice feeling to have when you discover a new band that you like. Regardless of what country they are from, music transcends all language barriers. As long as they make good music, music that you like, its good to me. 

So just like Shinedown that i discovered recently, i discovered another rock band, this one, from Germany. Its called revolverheld.


I discovered revolverheld while i was playing Guitar Hero III. They had a track in the game, and it was under the bonus songs list. The gameplay to that song was really cool and i like the tune to the music. So with the power of googling and wiki-ing, i get to know more about revolverheld and managed to sample thier album tracks for a bit. 

Revolverheld was formed in 2003. Its an all German band, and sings all german songs. I dont understand any of the lyrics, but they make pretty good music. If i were to compare to other band, they resemble closely to Theory of the Deadman, and probably shinedown. They even performed for the recent Live Earth in the German Leg of the concert in the city of Hamburg.

They have released 2 albums so far, one a self titled album, revolverheld in 2005 and their latest, Chaostheorie in 2007. The track that was featured in Guitar Hero III was called Generation Rock. You can sample the track by clicking here.


There are other pretty good tracks in their 2005 album. You can click on them to listen to it. Now, gimme some German looooove!

Mit dir chillen

Best Zeit deines Lebens

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