ACDC Black Ice is good too!

I ve heard of ACDC for a long time, but i have never a fan of ACDC. I never find their unique vocals appealing. But somehow, this recent album, Black Ice, is not bad. I especially like "Rock N Roll Train". Im starting to appreciate their works, especially their heavy use and emphasis on the... Continue Reading →


You know, its a nice feeling to have when you discover a new band that you like. Regardless of what country they are from, music transcends all language barriers. As long as they make good music, music that you like, its good to me.  So just like Shinedown that i discovered recently, i discovered another... Continue Reading →


Its very exciting to discover a new band that you really like every now and then. I started liking Disturbed only recently. While surfing Amazon, and going through a list of reccomendations, i started to discover Shinedown.     Shinedown and its latest album, The Sound of Madness, is currently my favourite album of the... Continue Reading →

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