Transformers Blu Ray

A packaged arrived just in time, and its none other than the highly anticipated release of Transformers on Blu Ray. Featured as the best summer flick of yesteryear, Transformers pushes the boundaries in what computer graphics can do to a high budget action flick. 

Reigniting a mega franchise by releasing a full feature film under the helm of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, it is the perfect recipe to an almost perfect, loud, non-stop action flick of the summer. 

Now for the first time ever, Transformers have been released on Blu Ray, featuring full 1080p high-definition film, with Dolby Digital Tru HD for fantastic sound effects and loads of extra just like its DVD predecessors.

The Blu Ray edition features 2 Discs, one for the feature movie and the other loads with extras and clips all in HD. In addition to that, a new feature, BD Live, enables viewers to connect to the internet and access to exclusive content to enhance the viewing experience of the movie.

Having watched this movie, i was blown away. Never have I been so impressed by the picture and more truly the sound quality of this film. The loud basses and intense action, never gets noisy, yet manages to fully utilize the 5.1 discreet channels, that (i daresay) is more intense than simply watching in theaters. Every dollar spent on this blu ray, is well spent, and the filmmakers take great care in transferring the picture to the discs that way the movie producers intent the viewers to watch it.

If anyone owns a blu ray player or a PS3, this is the definite movie to add it to your collection and show off to your friends and families on what HD can truly bring to home theaters.

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