Big week next week.

Next week is gonna be a big and frightening week for me, and i meant it to be in a good way. I dunno what to expect of my friends when the time comes, i just hope that it would be fun not knowing and just go through their so called plans for me. So far everything is coming into place and i have no qualms about the future.

So i passed my IPPT (finally) and now i can rightfully get promoted now. And what better way to celebrate my achievements than finally being a one year soldier. Yeap on the 14 of September, i have officially served my NS for exactly one year. 1 more year left and im good to go straight back to school. Perhaps, i would cut short in my serving term temporarily and head to school sooner.

My body is so aching now. I pushed myself so hard despite the fasting period AND the fact that i have been out of shape. The first 4 stationary items were done quite well. My one and only concern is always the 2.4Km run. I find that one really difficult if i dont train on a regular basis. When i did my IPPT on the day, i nearly failed the running by 4 seconds. Which means that if i hadnt pushed myself and run like a mad dog, i would have failed for the second time running, while ironically doing the other stations well. I broke my fast on that day, after showing some hopes of passing. Before running i started drinking lots of water to keep my hydrated and in the hopes that it would help me in my running a little bit. And it sure did. I think i made the right decision to break my fast on that day, just before the 2.4Km run.

My big 21 is coming next week. I gotta start preparing on what to expect when the day comes. Whats worse, its a bloody monday, and its gonna be bloody for me definitely. But as i said, im gonna head straight on and no turning back this time. 


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