One Liter Of Tears DVD

I found this at my local DVD shop, after much searching. The One Liter of Tears DVD box set. It comes with 3 dvds encased in a foldout casing, complete with 11 episodes of the entire series. Comes with Japanese dialogue and a choice of Mandarin, English or Malay subtitles. This dvd set is locally licensed, so you can only get at selected countries in Asia. The video is presented in widescreen format, suitable for widescreen television.


The quality is great, except for one major flaw and that is the subtitles. Though the translations are pretty well done, there are numerous jarring spelling mistakes throughout the series. Simple words are spelt wrongly as if the subtitles were not quality checked before passing out the product onto the shelves. But nonetheless, i cant expect too much of a local licensed release right here. So long as the translations remain faithful and the picture quality is good (for a DVD), at SGD 19.90, its a steal. 

I was initially reluctant to get a copy of this series partly because of the translation qualities. I’ve always been biased towards locally licensed series, since the translation qualities are not up to standards. But aside from the spelling mistakes here and there, the translations are pretty accurate to begin with. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes of the series, which basically covers the entire first disc. So far ive been very happy about the quality and considering the price, its worth getting it. Fans of the series just have to get this DVD for your own personal collection.

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  1. this my contact no# 09108116589 how many years i wanted d=that 😥

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