Future MRT of Singapore

There have been a lot of digging around Singapore in the past 10 years or so. With the construction of the Circle Line underway, and scheduled to open in 2010 and beyond, it would be the world’s longest fully automated train network. Over 30 stations that encircles the downtown area of the country, it is an ambitious project, first envisioned in the 80s. However im not talking about just the circle line.

The recent announcement of the Bukit Timah Line was made a few weeks ago would add an additional 12 stations to the overall grand plan of the Downtown line of 33 stations. This would connect commuters from Bukit Panjang areas to the downtown areas much quicker than the present network. It would be completed in 2015 and beyond.

Now. SMRT has just revealed a new tentative map of the future MRT network (click to enlarge) that might be constructed in the future, possibly in 2020 and beyond. Ill be in my 40s by then heh! It sure looks packed indeed, covering nearly every area of Singapore. I still remember the days where there were only the North-South Lines and the East West Lines. No Woodlands lines, connecting Yishun to Choa Chu Kang, no Changi Airport or Expo and certainly no North-East line. By observing the gray lines on the map, you can actually see the possible expansion to the already crowded MRT network. Nothing is solid yet, as LTA is still studying the land usage in the future and the feasibility of such new lines.

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