Yui, My Generation/Understand single out!

Yui’s latest album, Generation/Understand single is out! Once again, Yui has shown that she is no more an amateur and that she has really great potential in making good, mature music. With her unique voice and skills with her guitar, i can forsee her making great albums in the future.


1. My Generation (click here to listen to the song)

2. Understand

3. CHE.R.R.Y ~Yui Acoustic Version~

4. My Generation ~Instrumental~

Understand is a somewhat slow in pace, but it shows alot of emotions within her lyrics and her singing. Her originality is there and i really like listening to original songs with heartfelt lyrics. CHE.R.R.Y Acoustic version has clearly been given a fresh take on the song itself. Her skills in guitar is a great advantage, as she is able to rearrange her own songs to acoustic versions and it really shines through in a way that you can actually almost feel her raw talent. I could imagine clearly as she writes her songs, it began with just a pen, paper and her guitar. Thats what i feel on that track.

Will her single reach the number 1 single sales chart on Oricon? Most certainly will and im confident of that, unless some other blockbuster artist has his or her own single to release that would overshadow Yui.

3 thoughts on “Yui, My Generation/Understand single out!

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  1. I love YUI! she’s so original and her lyrics has tons of feeling in it. I hope she really will reach number one on the oricon sales chart.

    I’ll check out that site.

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