Metal Gear Solid 4 Complete!

One of the most anticipated titles of the year for the PS3, and surely the game that will go down in the history of video games has finally been completed. Yes i have completed the game after a period of absence and i must say, it was one helluva journey, especially towards the ending.

If i were to summarize this game in one sentence it would be this: Every moment of the game from the beginning to the end, is the epitome of perfection.

It’s is really hard to find a flaw in the game, everything looks, feels and plays perfect. You can really feel and appreciate the amount of work that goes into this game. Every single person that is involved in this project, i must give credit to them. Im amazed that some games are true works of art. They are not just video games, they are an artform by itself. And there is little to none out there other than Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns of the Patriots, that shows this.

I shall not say much more about this game, other than the fact that if you own a PS3, this is one of the flagship titles that you must own and display proudly. Also realize the fact that you have played a small part in the history of video games, and that is, completing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

I have a small bonus to share with all of you who are reading this. Below are 2 music clips from the game itself. The first, is the opening theme of Metal Gear Solid 4, while the other is Jackie Presti Love Theme. Click below to listen to them. The first clip is a fitting theme for an ending, while the second clip is hauntingly beautiful.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Opening Theme.

Jackie Presti Love Theme.

The lyrics to the love theme in English. The original language is in Hebrew. Like i said, hauntingly beautiful.

Closing my eyes to the sound of gunfire
Uttering a roar
In a flash I am switched into despair
Everything for the one who lives inside the nightmare
Missing from the bottom of my heart

Wishing the world that ran out of tears
The heart is already dead
The hope
Missing until it hurts

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