Cycling with former colleagues

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned my Fujifilm X-Pro 3 and how I brought it out for a test run after a long hiatus. I was digging through some of my older photos that I took and realised a set of photos that I didn’t get to showcase. It was during a cycling outing with my friends and colleagues that we went near the Marina Bay area.

I bought the X-Pro 3 along while cycling with my former colleagues. This was taken more than a year ago when one of our collaborators from South Korea wanted to see the sights of Singapore. So we organised a cycling outing with her and some of my friends and colleagues and we explored the good part of Downtown Singapore, before ending up in Lau Pa Sat hawker center for dinner. It was a fantastic day, as it wasn’t too hot, perfect weather for cycling.

We started somewhere in Marine Parade, rented our bicycles at one of the rental shops near the beach, before making our way to Marina Bay, Marina Barrage, passing by the Singapore Flyer and the majestic Marina Bay Sands, before heading to the central business district, where we stopped for dinner at Lau Pa Sat. We were supposed to enjoy the sunset, but instead, we were so hungry and the food at Lau Pa Sat was so good, we decided to just skip the sunset entirely.

When we were done for dinner, we realised that our rental time for the bikes was almost running out. We immediately made our way back to the shop with minutes to spare and without incurring additional charges.

Here are some images I took from the X-Pro 3.

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