Remember this bag?

Previously I made mental note to shop for a Coach leather briefcase when I make my trip to New York that I desperately fell in love with. And guess what? I got it! And the best part? It was indeed cheaper buying in the USA!

I initially wanted the midnight blue one based on the picture below, but when I went to the Coach flagship store in NYC, they told me they none of the nearby Coach stores in NYC were carrying it at that moment. In other words it was sold out. They offered to bring it in from another store outside NYC, but it will take a day to arrive to the flagship store before I can collect it. I decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble to go back to the same store just to buy the bag. So I settled on the all black version, which, after using it for a couple of months, may have been a better choice after all. Black goes well with any outfit, a neutral colour when it comes to leather goods. This all-leather bag is terrific. It feels great carrying it. The leather is supple and of high quality. The stitching is top notch and I am not worried about packing too many things inside, worrying that the weight might tear the stitches at the handles or the shoulder straps. I got this for (no surprise!) SGD600, when it would have been SGD900 if I bought it locally in Singapore.

I am proud to carry this to work every day. The quality is just mind blowing, and I am 100% assured that I will be using this bag for a long time to come.

That was the original colour that I wanted before settling in with the all-black version

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