Metal Gear Solid 4 is Rock Solid!

I must be ashamed to say this, and im sure Metal Gear fans would come knocking on my door with bats, waiting to smash my face. But here is what i have to say. Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns of the Patriots is the first and only game in the Metal Gear franchise that i have ever had a chance to play. Yep, there, i said it. It must have been blasphemous for someone who may be a hardcore fan and knew someone knew little to nothing about the franchise.

But worry not fans, for you have just gotten a fresh new recruit! Metal Gear Solid 4, is by far the best experience that i have ever gotten from a video game thus far. Everything from the storytelling to the graphics, sound, voiceovers and gameplay, have been meticulously crafted and fine tuned to perfection. From the minute i installed the game to the Act II of the game (so far in the game progress), it still delivers and never fails to impress me by leaps and bounds.

Im still in the middle of the game, and im still enjoying it tremendously. What impresses me is that even im not a fan of these sort of games, tactical espionage genre, with the likes of Splinter Cell, i still consider this game one of the finest. Its that good. We gamers must be lucky to have Hideo Kojima in our generation as the greatest visionary in the video games industry. For those who have yet to play this game, i would highly reccommend you to grab a copy now. If you have yet to get a PS3, this is the perfect time and excuse to get one now. No doubt, this is the first of many great exclusives that PS3 gamers would get to enjoy in the coming year.

What i need to do right now is to continue playing the game while at the same time read up on various articles about the history of the franchise as well as the story so far, leading up to Guns of The Patriots. There is a lot of reading for me to do, because there are still alot of areas in the story from the game that im still confused or unsure about. I hope in time i get to understand them all and at least appreciate the story better in this latest installment.

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