Completed GTA IV!!

Incredible, just incredible. After almost 3 weeks of playing the game, i managed to complete GTA IV. Not 100% progression complete though, just the storyline itself. What a journey! This is the first game in the GTA franchise that i actually made the effort to go through the story from start to finish. The people... Continue Reading →

Next blu ray purchase

My collection of blu ray movies is still at an infancy stage. With recent titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Curse of the Golden Flower, im hungering for more. HD movies never looked so good! I have a few more blu rays that have been ordered through and they... Continue Reading →

Notable new anime series

This year's Spring 2008 anime season is gonna be a busy one. With almost 30 new series airing in Japan alone, its gonna be tough for me to filter the good ones from the bad ones. Ive previewed (watched the first episode of the series as a first impression) almost half of the total series... Continue Reading →

Haze by Free Radical

Free Radical's latest FPS, Haze demo was just released 2 days ago. I downloaded the demo to my PS3 immediately it went online and i must say that i was better than what i was expecting. The game feels tight and there lots of action just by playing the Demo. The concept of having 'Nectar'... Continue Reading →

Era Reborn

It was quite awhile since i visited my local HMV shop. I was just looking around till i came across one of my favourite New Age group, Era. I have their previous albums and they were all great. I like the fusion of traditional chants and choirs (in latin if im not wrong) with contemporary... Continue Reading →

Iron Man fine art statue from Kotobukiya (drool fest)

Kotobukiya recently announced a Kotobukiya Marvel team up, involving a multiyear, expansive worldwide licensing agreement for a wide range of high end collectibles. The first 2 marvel heroes to be immortalized by Kotobukiya, famous for creating high end, quality figurines, art statues, book ends and character buffs are Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Click... Continue Reading →

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