That’s what friends are for

Sometimes looking back, and the friends that ive made along the way, i sometimes start to wonder whether ive been giving my friends the well deserve treatment and respect that they ought to get. Its not that i take them for granted in any mean way, rather i feel really appreciative for some of the things that they do for me. The extra mile that they make, the troubles they went for the sake of a friend, have i done that same thing to them when they are in need?

With so little time in my hands ,especially now, it is so difficult to maintain your social life, not forgetting my friends, and truly reflect upon the good times we have spent together over the period of months, or years, depending on who you are spending time with. One of my biggest fear is perhaps losing touch with my friends, and no doing anything about it, due to other commitments, in which you used it as an excuse. Sometimes i do that, and i feel truly terrible.

Right now i need to feel grateful for the time that i spent with my friends. They represent the best moments of my life, no matter how brief they are. To be truly accepted among my peers, i cant wish for anything greater.

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