5 Months Later…

Its been 5 months since i started my Transport Supervisor Course. Ive made a personal promise to myself not to post anything regarding my NS life, since itll be part of my life for these 2 years. Its no point reliving stuff that i do not want to relive when its already part of me 24/7. But nonetheless like I said, its been 5 months. An incredible journey.

It started out toward the end of December when i was posted to a new training center to start my Transport Supervisor course. Thinking back, it had been quite fun. Ive hanged out with alot of my buddies in the course and you wont believe me how dynamic and varied they are. Coming from all walks of life, like for example, do you know ive got a friend who is an architect, has a wife and a kid and is of the same age as us all? Or how about this person who is a Harvard University Graduate, with a Masters degree? Dont let me start by telling there is someone in my course and had a role in that anti piracy ad you see before the movie starts in theaters, you know the one that started with “Hi, my name is Eric and I’m a filesharer”. Does that ring a bell? The ‘architect’ shares the same passion as me, the Playstation 3. We have started sharing our game collection and its great to share our experiences through the games we played. On the other hand, the Harvard graduate is a very good conversationalist especially when it comes to intellectual conversations. He doesnt boast about his intellect, but when you get to know how he managed to go in to Harvard, youll be in awe. Yet on the outside he looks perfectly normal. A shining example on why you shouldnt judge a book by its cover.

In my life, ive never encountered such interesting people, that sometimes when compared to myself, im just so ordinary. Its a little dissappointing being compared to others who have such fine qualities, be it intellect or charisma.

I’ve got plenty of opportunities to get to know most of them, but how i wish i can stay with them longer. 5 months may seem long, far longer than the time spent with my BMT mates. But still we went through alot together, and even when the time gets tough, i still had a laugh or two amongst ourselves. This might be the first time where im very comfortable with my chinese AND malay counterparts. Usually it would be difficult to me to associate with my malay friends but this time its an exception. They accepted me as who I am, of someone who is of mixed blood and I always like their interest in my personal background. Somehow they are really intrigued about my unique heritage and i dont mind having them poke a few harmless banter toward me regarding my race, whichever side it is…

I still have a month to go. Till then i hope to get to know them more.

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