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So the past month, other than NS, ive been occupying somewhat precious time playing video games, mainly on the PS3. The past month i managed to complete Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3 and it was a thoroughly worthwhile investment, both monetary and time. Its a fantastic game, especially the in game cut scenes and cinematics. A real polished game and you can really see the developers of the game putting in a lot of effort in the gameplay and animation mechanics.

The one thing i dont quite like about this game is the amount of backtracking you have to go through. Granted its fun playing both Dante and Nero throughout the 20 chapters of the game, but at least the developers could have spent more time creating new levels for players to explore, rather than treading on old areas. And whats up with repeating boss fights. You literally have to kick certain bosses’ ass in the game multiple times throughout the game. Its fun the first time through, but not on the third time…



Finally the game that i have been waiting for is finally here on the PC. Got it about a week ago, and i must say the gameplay and the graphics have lived up to my expectations. But there is one huge flaw! Yep, its too darn repetitive. So here’s the deal: In the not so distant future, you play an introvert called Desmond Miles, who apparently have been kidnapped by this huge conglomerate who claimed that they can read memories off your ancestors through your DNA. What they want however are the memories of Altair, an assassin in the late 12th century. Somehow those memories are important to the organisation, and so you play through Altair on his quest to assassinate 9 prominent historical figures based on real life history. Sounds interesting? Yeap. Repetitive killing mechanic? You bet!

Ive played almost half way through and though its an interesting premise and an original idea, the variety is not there to keep the game fresh. Honestly, im trying real hard to maintain my interest in the game. Sure the game looks nice but its a bore trying to find your target and assassinate same the same way again and again 9 times. Dont get me wrong, its a truly marvelous idea to start off with and the open ended world for you to explore, its darn interesting. However the overall game play experience is much to be desired.



Im no fan of racing games, but Burnout Paradise might be an exception to that statement. Bought around the same time as Assassin’s Creed, this game is turning to be a stellar racing game. In fact, its more than just a racing game. Picture this: Imagine you have a huge virtual city with miles of roads and terrain and every junction (120 of them all) has a challenge waiting to be conquered. From normal street racing to ‘marked man’ where you have to get from one point to another without totaling your car, to taking down opponents car and so forth. And with an arsenal of 75 different cars to choose from and unlock as you progress, its never a dull moment in Paradise City. Every aspect of the game is truly top notch. From the music, to the gameplay mechanics, physics and crash system, this game really pumps up your adrenaline.

Ive been playing only approximately 35 percent of the game, and basically covered most of the areas allowed in Paradise City. Ive got about 30 cars in my garage and lots more to collect. This should be enough to keep me motivated to play this game. Its unlikely that ill get a full 100 percent completion because there are so many elements in this game other than the ones ive mentioned. However the great thing about this game is how easy it is to just go in, play a race or two or just explore the city itself, finding shortcuts and stuff and still be satisfied that you actually have progressed through the game. Feeling stressed after a tiring day at work? Put your skills to the test through online multiplayer modes or just crash you car with other real players around the world for 30 minutes or so and you will feel much better after that. Its a living breathing world. Paradise city is varied, from numerous underpasses and highways, to winding roads along cliffs and multiple junctions. The fun never stops.

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