My little sanctuary. Needs more improvement!

So with the new computer that i bought 4 months back and the PS3 3 months later, i realised that my computer table is a little tad small. The table was bought during Chinese New Year, the time where you would usually do spring cleaning, which in this case involves buying a new computer table. (The previous one was horrendous)

So i wanted something small and simple. I didnt want to spent too much on a piece of furniture, so long as everything computer related would be able to fit onto the table which i chose. But the problem now is that after the addition of the Playstation 3, its getting a little squeezy and cluttered. Ive always imagined having a personal space of my own, something of a sanctuary that i would spent most of my time on when im at home, be it work or play.

Squeezy huh? Just a small table in one corner of the room. Its cosy, but i dont feel the warmth to the space that was created for the computer. There is no personality to it. Maybe its because of the walls? or the labyrinth of wires behind the tables? Nonetheless, you can see both my CPU and the Playstation 3 on the table. The monitor is shared between the computer and the console. Thankfully, the LG widescreen display has 2 video inputs. A VGA and a DVI. It would be better if i had 2 DVI’s though but i had to sacrifice the one DVI for the console and resorted to VGA connection for my computer. Besides i cant see the difference in visual quality between an analog and digital connections. My 5.1 surround set up is still going strong. By now, it would have undergone at least 3 generations of DIY computers and its still very much useful to me. Id never sell the set. Its extremely rare these days.

When the console is on, i can switch the visual inputs of the LCD to display whatever is being displayed from the console. I have the HDMI to DVI cable and its pretty nifty. The visuals that appeared are bright and gorgeous looking, thanks to the LG’s high contrast ratios LCD monitor.

Its only a 20 inch monitor, but im more than glad because at least its HD Ready. Most games for the PS3 are set at 720P and a 20inch monitor is sufficient to support that.

You can see that the Playstation 3 is a behemoth. However, its extremely quiet, as in ultra silent. Im suprised at that especially when such a powerful console is able to cool the processor without generating fan noise. Despite playing for hours on the console, it is still silent, very very silent. And stable too. Kudos for Sony in designing such an efficient console.

OK so now im going to switch to PS3 fanboy mode. Bear with me on this one but i think these ads are pretty cool. You can view the rest at

3 thoughts on “My little sanctuary. Needs more improvement!

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  1. Wow that’s a nice setup there imo :O
    Im still using a rear projection tv for my ps3 but it looks great still.
    I’m looking into getting an lcd (prolly 22inch or 20) and at the moment it’s either an LG or samsung…

  2. The table setup itself is great but maybe a little lonely sitting in the corner hehe but if you don’t have space anywhere else i guess it’s too bad.
    Maybe brighten up the place with posters or figures 😛

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