Spring Cleaning…. sort of….

On friday, i had the sudden urge to clean up my wardrobe. Not the clothes, but the immense number of books and textbooks above my wardrobe. So much mess on top of it that it almost looked like a mini attic.

There were tons of books, from my dad’s management books, to children books that ive keep for some unknown reason, to even my secondary school textbooks. I dunno why i still keep it. I though that it might come in handy one day when i got to poly, but it had proven otherwise. I had all the subjects’ textbooks all rotting up there.

So i started sifting out the books that were useful to those that were considered junk. This was the result after an hour of filtering.

All those books piled up! Gosh! It was not until i actually cleared it up, did i realise i actually kept that much junk! Even the ten year series from almost every subject can been seen from the image above! There were even children’s science and fact books that i still kept all those years. Well they arent useful now.

Throughout the process i was pleasantly surprised to find some sentimental items that i thought i had lost them forever. The first item that i came across was this dreadful 10 year series O-level maths book. I decided to keep that. In it however, contained a drawing, or a series of drawings on almost every page of the book that my best friend drew. He drew it such that if you were to flip the pages of the book rapidly, you can actually see a small animation taking place. I considered that a true work of art done by him, no matter how amateur looking it was. It brought back good memories during my secondary school days.

Another item i came across was a photograph taken of our class as a whole during our trip to Malacca for a geography field trip. It was during secondary 2. It was a great photograph that i thought it been had lost forever.  Other items include birthday cards from my friends that i still kept it, and an inspirational message from our math teacher.

Now, our math teacher wasnt exactly our favourite, but she was the single most important teacher for me. She was the one that brought my F9 math grade that i got in secondary 3, to an unexpected B4 grade for my O-levels. I really couldnt believe it. All those practice and scoldings I got from her it really paid off. Seeing this kinda makes me sad, because i dont really remember a moment where i actually thanked her sincerely for her efforts. I think she is still teaching at the same school. Nevertheless, whereever you are Mrs Ho, whether you read this or not, THANK YOU.

So i cleared all the books from up there, gave it an antiseptic clean using Dettol, and even gave a general wipe to all those books that would be placed back then. It looks soo much better now… and lots of extra space too!

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