The Secret

A couple of packages arrived from Amazon today, a few mangas that i ordered recently, a DVD which my mum ordered and a couple of books for my dad. The DVD was of particular interest to me. Entitled The Secret and its not really a movie, more like a self-help DVD but even then its a gross understatement.

What Is The Secret

Its very hard to explain what it is all about, but if you want to change your life for the better, i guess you have to check this out, as explaining it wont do justice.

Anyway, im not here to talk about The Secret, but rather apply it right here as a first step to see how much it can really change my life from then on. So im going to begin by releasing all the “positive energies”.

* I’m grateful for:*

All the things my parents have done for me.

All the sacrifices my parents have done for me to have a wonderful and comfortable life.

My friends past and present, who have made a tremendous impact on my life, for truly they are the greatest companions outside my family.

The things that i received, for which that im most grateful.

The happiness that i experience, from my family and my friends.

The dreams that have been realized, my goals that have been achieved, and the life that i truly deserve.

Having a positive perspective in life, and grateful for being who I am right now.

Being healthy and whole.

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