Skagen Watches

I was shopping around when i stumbled upon this particular watch that caught my attention. Ive always had a knack for all things slim. Ever since i had my Samsung X820 handphone a year back, i knew i had made the perfect choice my for mobile needs. For the first time when i saw this phone, its ultra slimness (6.9mm) left me in awe and till this day, never fails to impress me. And 1 year on, im still loving my phone alot!

Well anyway, im not here to brag about how good my phone is, its just ultra slim thats all and i really like it. So going back to watches, for a while now i have been scouting for a watch for some time now, and though there are many designs and brands that ive seen that were interesting and beautiful, it was Skagen watches that totally captures my attention. Skagen is a Danish brand that manufactures their own line of watches. What i really liked about their watches, is the slimness and medium sized dial. The size of th dial is important for me, because i have a rather skinny wrist. Having a fat watch isnt gonna look pretty at all. And the feeling of watching something heavy hanging on your wrist just annoys me. Furthremore its the all titanium mesh that promises durability and longevity and sweetens the deal.

I took a look at the real thing in Tangs Orchard and im quite impressed by its overall simplicity, lightweight feel and non- intrusive design. But unfortunately, the watches arent that cheap and is a little over my budget when it comes to buying a watch. Still, it has all the elements that caught me attention, and this could be the watch for after all these while.

There are several design of the same concept, titanium mesh wraps. The chronograph design is the most expensive of the line if im not wrong. The cheapest would be the simplest of design, with just the dial and nothing more. With the addition of a date, the price increases. The price ranges from 200 to 275 bucks if i remember correctly. For a poor student like me, its quite a blow to my coffers. But as mentioned, i might just give this watch a try, since im crazy over it. As to when, its still unknown, but ill definitely consider this brand first.

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