Night Safari

Of all the major singapore attractions that ive been to, there is one attraction that ive never visited my entire life till last week. That was none other than the Night Safari.

It was quite an unforgettable experience and i knew somehow in what makes Night Safari a major tourist attraction. Sure i’ve been to the Zoo and it was fun, but that was like 15 years ago, since then ive never visited again. Night Safari on the other hand was a pleasant night experience.

Though the entrance ticket, to my surprise was more expensive than i thought, we paid virtually nothing when my dad redeemed banking points in exchange for the tickets. We went on a weekend, and it was packed with tourists, more crowded than i anticipated, but with a major tourist attraction like that, it was quite a pleasant experience, from the ticketing counter to the trails to the tram rides. Throughout the entire period, the show ran extremely well and efficient. It kinda made me proud especially when i as a Singaporean enjoyed the experience. No doubt the tourists from all walks of life are having a time of thier lives.

Though I’m not an animal lover, but it was kinda exciting seeing the animals so close to your in most of the animal exhibits. My favourite has got to be the flying bats. The sight of bats hanging by the branches mere inches from passing tourists as they walk the wooden planks into their habitat was something i wouldnt forget. Not to mention those numerous deers all along the tram road as the tram passes by, so tempting in touching and cuddling them, which was blatantly reminded by the tour guide that it was prohibited and can be dangerous.

The shows were kinda entertaining as well. From the animal shows, to the tribal dances and fire eating performances, it was a good distraction while waiting for your turn to purchase your entrance tickets. All in all it was a satisfying night, and it is definitely one of the many, must-see attractions for tourists.

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