London bound!

Our trip to Morocco (three of my colleagues and good friends, including myself) is starting to take shape. We have started to enquirer about desert tours and started finding cheap tickets to Morocco. Past couple of weeks, we have been trying to find out what is the cheapest (but not necessarily the slowest or most... Continue Reading →

Travel plans upon graduation

I will complete my master's programme in November 2018. I have plans to go to Bali at the end of this year, just in time after completing my studies. That itself is a cause for celebration. But what about next year? Canada (British Columbia) Huge trip with my trusty group of friends that went to Iceland... Continue Reading →

I overspent while in Sydney

I enjoyed my time in Sydney. Amazing people. Amazing beaches. Amazing cuisine. But what I didn't expect was how badly I underestimated my travelling budget to be. I utterly overspent while vacationing in Sydney. Now I have to suffer the consequences of eating grass for the next few months!

Heading to Sydney without an itinerary.

Now this is going to be interesting. My upcoming trip to Sydney will be my first solo trip without an itinerary. Yeap, that's right. I did not plan anything for my upcoming trip. The only thing that I planned was my flight, my accommodations, and one outdoor activity that I decided to book in advance... Continue Reading →

Iceland Adventure Day 1

Thirty minutes into our flight, the captain of the aircraft spoke through the intercom. Singapore Airlines flight SQ352, bound for Copenhagen, Denmark was being diverted back to Changi Airport. The left engine of the Boeing 777-200ER began powering down due to a technical fault. We were now flying on only one engine. As we approached... Continue Reading →

Iceland Adventure Day 0

Planning for this Grand Adventure began more than 6 months ago. Back then, we were throwing around ideas on our next big holiday. The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland) often came up during our almost weekly discussions over dinner meet ups. At that point of time, we weren’t very keen due... Continue Reading →

I just came back from Iceland

And boy! What an adventure! There is so much to share! Hopefully I will find the time to share all my stories of my adventures in The Land of Ice and Fire! But for now, I need some sleep. So jet lagged. And I have tons of photos to upload, convert and process which will... Continue Reading →

Picture of the Week: Korankei Valley, Japan

Picture of the week: This picture was taken during my travels to Japan in the month of November 2015. I was there to capture the autumn season. It was towards the end of November, and the autumn leaves were in full swing, with trees shedding their leaves, bursting with colours of oranges, yellows and reds.... Continue Reading →

A shout-out to Nordic Visitor

For the past couple of months while planning our trip to Iceland, Nordic Visitor has been extremely helpful in giving us advice, tips and most importantly, assisting us in booking our accommodations, car rental and activities for our trip. Without them, planning our itinerary would have been much more difficult. They were extremely helpful in... Continue Reading →

9 more days to Iceland

The time is finally here. We are going to Iceland in 9 days time. After months of planning, booking flights, tours, deciding on the dates, the duration, buying insurance and the kinds of activities we want to do over there, we have finalised everything and are good to go. There is a certain level of... Continue Reading →

American Express True Cashback Card

Seven days was all it took from the moment I applied for the card, to the moment I received it, just in time to purchase our air tickets to Copenhagen, Denmark and to Reykjavik, Iceland. I applied for the credit card to take advantage of the sweet 5% cash rebate on all purchase (up to... Continue Reading →

Iceland adventure is good to go.

One of my friends has been on the fence on whether to join us for our Iceland adventure trip next year for a few months. Yesterday, he said ok to the entire endeavor. We are actually going to Iceland!! We have been planning such a long and far trip for months now. The only thing... Continue Reading →

Going to Cambodia?

There is a good chance that I might be going to Cambodia for a short trip! My friend and I are locking down the dates on the 24th to 27th September 2015. Basically he is going there to visit his girlfriend who is doing volunteer work in one of the villages on the outskirts of... Continue Reading →

App in the Air

I came across a new travel app for the iOS called "App in the Air'. It basically keeps track of all your air travels you have ever done in your life. What you do is simple: Just key in basic information such as airline, flight number and date of flight and it will automatically find the correct... Continue Reading →

Ethnotek bags

I had great fun in Korea. Me and my friends were on a 10 day vacation to Jeju island and Seoul and while I was doing some shopping in Myeongdong, one of the popular shopping districts in Seoul, I came across a gorgeous looking bag from Ethnotek. I never heard of the brand before but... Continue Reading →

Ticket to nowhere

Lately there has been a slew of air ticket promotions from various airlines big and small. And lately I have this urge to do something crazy again. And that is to just book a ticket to anywhere, literally anywhere far away as possible from home and just enjoy my holidays there. Now that I am... Continue Reading →

Travel plans

So  I haven't got a job yet. It is going to take a while till I land a job, but I am optimistic that it will come soon. I just have to keep on searching. I was chilling with my friends when one of them broached the subject of travelling plans in the coming months... Continue Reading →

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