Iceland adventure is good to go.

One of my friends has been on the fence on whether to join us for our Iceland adventure trip next year for a few months. Yesterday, he said ok to the entire endeavor. We are actually going to Iceland!!

We have been planning such a long and far trip for months now. The only thing that kept him hesitating was mainly timing. It can be quite hard to plan and anticipate something this big, months in advance. I mean, you have your work and other personal issues to take care off and you don’t know what is in store in February 2016. So I can understand his hesitation. Then there is also the cost issues of such a trip. It’s a huge undertaking and requires careful planning on our part to make sure everything goes smoothly.

There are advantages of planning such a trip well in advance. For one thing, there are cost savings involved, like cheaper airfare, and early bird specials in terms of accommodations and tours.

But now, things are finally moving ahead. We would soon starting planning the entire trip from beginning till the end.

First, we need to agree on how many days we are wiling to travel. Then we need to lock in a specific range of dates for our travel. We then need to plan our journey to Iceland and book the relevant air tickets. It’s quite tricky, because we would be booking two separate return air tickets we need to time it properly so that we don’t miss our connecting flight. There is no direct flight from Singapore to Iceland, so we need to explore the most economical way of traveling there. We need to slowly explore our options available, so that we don’t spend too much time in transit and also don’t miss our connecting flight. We have found a few options that are viable, we just need to apply those options to the dates we agreed upon.

Since we are doing a driving tour, we decided to book a self-drive tour. We need to plan our itinerary based on the number of days we have for our trip so that it is sufficient to circumnavigate the entire island of Iceland. Once that is done, we will buy the air tickets, book the tour and voila, we are on our way to our adventure.

I hope to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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