American Express True Cashback Card

Seven days was all it took from the moment I applied for the card, to the moment I received it, just in time to purchase our air tickets to Copenhagen, Denmark and to Reykjavik, Iceland. I applied for the credit card to take advantage of the sweet 5% cash rebate on all purchase (up to the first $5000) for the first 3 months. 5% may seem not like much, but imagine shaving $250 off for the first $5000 you spent to the card. And that is exactly what I did. I bought 4 air tickets from Singapore Airlines costing just over $5000, and already we have saved $250. It’s that simple. It’s one of those cards, where you apply just for a single purpose; a large one-time purchase, a free travel luggage, better discounts while out shopping for a limited period. And then afterwards, you just chuck it aside. It was truly an opportunistic moment to take advantage of the card’s promotion.

With that being said, yes, it is true, we have bought our tickets that would make our way to Iceland for a grand round island self-drive adventure in February 2016. We are really really going this time. There is no backing out. E-tickets have been emailed to us and our flights are confirmed. We bought it months in advance because the tickets are still cheap and we will be flying in one of the best airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines. A non-stop flight, all the way from Singapore to Copenhagen, before making a short hop to Iceland. Totally cannot wait. There are still a lot of things to prepare thought. The main self-drive tour have yet to be confirmed or booked yet. We are still finalising our itinerary, since we will be travelling there a little longer than what the tour provided, so we have a lot of choices to modify the original itinerary.

February 2016. Seems like forever, rest assured, it will arrive in a blink of an eye.


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