Ticket to nowhere

Lately there has been a slew of air ticket promotions from various airlines big and small. And lately I have this urge to do something crazy again. And that is to just book a ticket to anywhere, literally anywhere far away as possible from home and just enjoy my holidays there. Now that I am working, I have a limited number of leave days that I am entitled to, but that alone isn’t much of an issue. I want to travel, and I want to use as much of my leave days to travel. But right now the frustrating thing is that I have to do it alone. I can’t seem to find friends who are like minded and would wish to travel together to the same destination that we would agree on. It’s stifling. On one had, you really want to have a holiday with your friends. On the other hand, they are quite reluctant to travel further than they are used to, due to the travel costs that are tagged with it. For me, it’s all about the experience. And the experience you get at the end of the day is totally worth it. So I think right now, I have no choice but to one day, in the near future, probably toward the second half of 2013, to start thinking about some of the possible destinations that I would like to go, and then when the air tickets are going for cheap, I will take advantage and just book the tickets. No planning, nothing, nada. Just book. I will then apply my leave at the appropriate days and just go.

It’s scary travelling alone. I have never done it before. I guess thats the factor that is withholding me. But I feel, its a lame excuse. Fear holds you back. You shouldn’t fear travelling alone. Shit happens, but you can always do something about it to mitigate the risk of shit happening. Sure you may not have someone else to boost you confidence in your trip, but I feel that is the only way to really grow and boost your confidence in being in a totally new place, not knowing anyone or anything. Thats the lure for me. The exoticness the place has to offer, the mystery, the sense of exploration, adventure, and encountering people from all walks of life. Oh man, what I would give to have that level of confidence to just go ahead with it.

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