9 more days to Iceland

The time is finally here. We are going to Iceland in 9 days time. After months of planning, booking flights, tours, deciding on the dates, the duration, buying insurance and the kinds of activities we want to do over there, we have finalised everything and are good to go.

There is a certain level of satisfaction in planning such a huge adventure. Heading to Iceland is easy. Just book  you air tickets and you are good to go. But to actually plan what you are going to do there, where you will be going and staying is the difficult part. We are going in winter and there are special considerations and extra preparations we need to make to ensure that our trip is smooth and trouble free. For one, winter is harsh is Iceland. And we need to consider the driving conditions over there, the kinds of activities we can do and places that are accessible at this time of the year. We also need to ensure that we have enough time travelling for one accommodation to the next, taking into consideration inclement and unexpected weather changes. Travelling around Iceland via the Ring Road for 13 days is more than enough to see the wonderful sites without being too rushed. We can take our time, plan our destination and route properly and make more detours to see more sights in and around Iceland.

I have not yet tabulated the total cost of the trip, but I think we are hitting around SGD5000 per person, including tours, accommodation, car rental and air tickets. The amount allocated for personal expenses have not been allocated yet, but it will definitely be more than SGD 5000 overall.

There is no direct flight to Reykjavik, Iceland from Singapore. Although Finnair provides the cheapest tickets to Iceland via Finland, we decided to fly direct to Copenhagen, stay for the night, before heading to Reykjavik. That way, we won’t rush to our connecting flight, and actually save time from the transits that we would have to go through if flying through Finnair. A direct flight to Copenhagen via Singapore Airlines is around 13 hours. And then it’s another 3 to Reykjavik.

For now I hope nothing goes wrong during our trip and that we have planned everything smoothly to the best of our abilities.

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  1. A nice read and I look forward to reading about your trip.We are planning on a trip to Iceland ourselves and have been looking for help and advice from other bloggers. We would appreciate if you could leave any advice on our post so that we have as much to blog about as possible when we go. Our post about Iceland is https://thiscouplewent.wordpress.com/2016/02/07/iceland-the-planning-begins/ . If we manage to do something you suggest then we will post a link on our blog to yours. It would be nice if bloggers could help each other out!

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