I watched Dune in the cinema, the first time in almost two years.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, I have not returned to the cinemas to watch my favourite movies. The last movie that I watched in the cinemas was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. That movie came out in December 2019, just before the first reports of a new virus were emerging in China. I remembered watching that movie on IMAX, at the newly opened Changi Jewel. Ever since then I had not stepped into the cinema…until today.

Dune is an epic 2.5 hour film. It looks gorgeous and grand watching it on IMAX. I am glad to have chosen to watch it on IMAX rather than normal cinemas. The sound, the visuals, the big, bright screen. Oh how I missed it all.

It feels great to return to the cinema after close to two years since the start of the pandemic. Not much has change when it comes to the movie watching experience, except that social distancing and mask wearing is mandatory. You can sit only in pairs separated from each pair between two seats. So no more full house screenings anymore. TraceTogether and vaccinations status is mandatory in vaccinated only screenings.

Personally, I quite enjoy the social distancing arrangement. You no longer have to sit elbow to elbow amongst strangers, never knowing if the person beside you is a noisy eater, or a snorer or a loud mouth breather (just to list a few examples). Overall it makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience than before, as you are in your own little bubble away from other people. The downside is that you no longer able to enjoy watching movies with a large group of friends. I used watch movies with more than five people, sometimes more than ten seated in a single row. Those were the days.

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