Collecting my iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue on Friday at Apple Store Orchard

When the pre-order window came up on the 17th September at 8pm, I immediately placed my order for the Sierra Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. But I hit a snag when I placed my order. It seemed that my order was in limbo. No credit card charges were made, and no delivery date was mentioned in the order invoice.

I had the same issue when I pre-ordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max about a year ago. I ended having to order two iPhones, being charged twice as a result of that, only having to cancel one of them after determining that the initial order actually made it through. It was a little annoying.

So I was surprised that the same issued cropped up a year later. Again, I had to cancel my initial order. However, placing an order for the second time, means that I have lost my window to have it delivered on the 24th of September (these things sell like hot cakes). So I had no other choice but to select store collection on the 24th, since the option was still available when I made the re-ordered the phone.

I am actually quite hesitant to collect it in-store. Partly due to COVID, but also due to the fact that it is a work day, and I selected my collection time to be 9am. Which means that once I have made my collection, I will have to head immediately straight to work with the brand new iPhone in my bag, a near constant distraction that I have to deal with throughout the day.

On the flip side, I have managed to sell my current iPhone to a potential buyer, who will be coming down to buy from me on the 24th September, offsetting the cost of the new iPhone at least by about S$1200. Not too shabby.

I am looking forward to Friday. I always look forward to a new phone. It’s an annual celebration for me, having a brand new phone, every year in the month of September. My brand new MagSafe Silicon Case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is already here. I need to remind myself to bring the case along on the day of collection, So that I can immediately use it, once all the data is transferred from the current phone to the new phone.

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