So I did not pre-order the new iPad Pro with mini LED display.

It was tempting at first. The temptation was always there, right up to the last minute when the orders were open at 8PM. But I resisted the temptation. As much as I would like to experience the dazzling XDR display that Apple advertised in their 12.9 inch iPad Pro lineup this year, for some reason, my gut feeling told me that I should wait for the reviews instead.

So that is what I am going to do. There is still a chance that I might buy the new iPad Pro in the future, depending on whether the new XDR display with its mini LED backlit technology is a game changer or not. But if overall the experience is the same as having the 2020 model, then, I might skip this year for the iPad Pro and save the money to get the upcoming Apple Watch or iPhone (that is an almost guaranteed purchase for me).

So yeah, I’m still loving my current 2020 iPad Pro. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I love writing my blog on it. In fact, I write all my blog entries on my iPad Pro instead of a desktop. I am used to it and the process is such a breeze. The most important thing however, is how the iPad Pro gives me an almost distraction free typing experience when writing up my blog entries. It’s refreshing sometimes to be able to type without distractions and just let ideas and thoughts flow freely.

Also, as much as I would like to experience what it feels like using the iPad Pro equipped with an M1 chip, I doubt I will ever get to feel the difference in terms of performance and speed improvements over the previous generation iPad Pros. The problem is that I hardly ever use productivity software for music creation, video editing or even drawing. And because of that, my current iPad Pro is a little bit under-utilised at the moment. So there is this hint of guilt of wanting to upgrade when I know that I will be under-utilising it just like before.

I will be keeping a close watch on YouTube for any unboxing or in-depths reviews of the new iPad Pros in the coming weeks. These videos will have a significant impact in my purchasing decisions down the line.

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