The LV messenger bag is not worth the price

So I had a look at the bag above in one of the LV stores several weekends ago, and after seeing it in person, feeling the leather and checking out the amount of space in the bag, I have concluded that it was not worth it.

They didn’t have the tri-color version as you see above. They did have all blue one on display. The taiga leather is nice, but quite dull when you look up close and when you feel the texture. There isn’t enough ‘oomph’ to make you feel like it’s luxurious. Sure, its LV and its handmade with the finest quality leather, but that’s just it.

Inside, the space is just ok. The compartments are very simple and utilitarian. I do like the shoulder straps as its mainly leather and wide, but its permanently attached to the side of the back, which I am not really a fan of. It’s not heavy when it’s empty, but overall, its just meh.

For a price tag of @$3200 for a small messenger bag? Nope.

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